In Home Care / Cat Care

Lady Di will come to your home to check on, feed, medicate if necessary, clean up after and play with your pets. Visits also include pickup of mail, newspaper, putting the garbage out for collection, indoor/outdoor plant water/care and alteration of lights and window coverings.
Daily Visits for Dogs
• 1 daily visit for 1 or 2 dogs $30.00
• Each additional visit on the same day $25.00
• each additional dog $7.00
Daily Visits for Cats:
• 1 daily visit $30.00
• 2 daily visits $55.00
• More than 3 cats additional $7.00
• Fluids/Injection $10.00
Exotic Animals
Birds, reptiles, fish and small animals will be cared for by Paula Our Exotic Animal Specialist. Charges will be based on the type, number of animal(s) and services needed.  This amount will be determined by Paula at the client’s interview.  Minimum charge will be $25.00 per visit.
Additional Services
Pick up or delivery $15.00 each way (West Seattle grooming parlor, vet and Lady Di facility). Client must call vet before leaving to inform them that Lady Di Pet Chaperone has authorization to bring in their pet.  All fees paid by Lady Di Pet Chaperone will be reimbursed by client upon return. Any additional supplies needed by Lady Di Pet Chaperone will be reimbursed by client upon return
Extra Charges
$10.00 per day if not enough food is provided for length of services.